Nicholas Santolla Principal
-B. S. in Biology, minor in Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University
-Florida State Teaching License
-TEFL Certification Bridge IDELT Santiago, Chile. CPR Certification
-Teaching Since 2011
George Tsementzi Senior Dean of Elementary
- Master in Education, American College of Education
- B.S. in Finance and Business Administration, State
- University of New York, Teaching Since 2007
-Massachusetts Teaching License (MTEL)
-TESOL Certification
Tony Harris Dean of Student, Civics, World History
- Endicott College, USA- MEd, School Administration Tennessee Technological University
- BS Education
- K-8 Teaching License, Tennessee
- USA K-12 Administrator License, Tennessee
Nathaniel Madrid College Counseling, Mathematics
- B.S Computer Science (Mathematics Minor), Xavier
- University of Louisiana; M.S Computer Science in New
- Mexico Tech, Teaching since 2008
- New Jersey Certificate in Secondary - Education for Mathematics
Alysia Rieder Elementary (4th/5th Grade)
- University of Massachusetts at Amherst, MA,Science Education Teaching Program
- Master of Education (Special Education), Arizona State
- University; B.S. Applied Psycology, Mayville State, ND
- Teaching since 2013
- Arizona Teacher Certification, (Elementary K-8/Mild-Mod Special
- Education K-12, Stuctured English Immersion(SEI) Endorsement, CPR & First Aid Certitification
Scott Edward Egan Language Arts
- B.S. History, University of Oregan
- Teaching since 1988
- Nevada Teaching License
Benjamin LeBeau Science and Mathmetics
- B.S University of Wisconsin
- Colorado State Teaching License - Secondary Mathematics
- Metropolitan State College of Denver
John S. Swift Science
- M.S of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction,University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL
- B.S of Science in Sociology, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD
- Secondary Education Certification Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD
- State of Florida Department of Education Certification in:
Josie Mcnaughton Elementary Grade 3
- Masters in Elementary Education from Grand Canyon University
- Bachelor of Arts, Psychology from Central Washington University
- Teaching since 2017
Gary A Hughes Elementary ESL
- Bachelor of Science, College of Education, Southern Illinois University
– Physical Education May 13, 1978
- TEFL-C, Columbia University
- Edutainment Inc. October 31, 2012
Crystal Layug Fililpino Principal, Curriculum Coordinator for Middle & High
- Master in Education Management, Polytechnic University
- Philippines; B.S. Secondary Education in English, Republic
- Central Colleges, Teaching Since 2005 - Local Teaching License
Gaspar, Katrina Paulene Sigus Grade 4, 5 Math, Science Teacher
- Bachelor of Scince in Biology in Pampanga Agricultural College
- Methods of Teaching in Saint Anthony School of Technology
-LET Passer(September 27, 2015)
Punla, Alyssa Marie R. Grade 2, 3 Math, Science teacher
- Bachelor of Arts in English Language in Republic Central College
- Methods of Teching in System Plus College Foundation
Pare, Justine Taylor Secondary Art, ESL
- Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English in System Plus College Foundation
- Licensure examination for Teacher(PASSER)
- teaching since 2015
Laira s. Pineda, Rpm Kindergarten, Grade 1 Math, Science teacher
- Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Holy angel University in Pampanga
- Methods of Teching in System Plus College Foundation
-LPT(Licensed Professional Teacher since 2018)
Mira Gueco Elementary Art
- B.S. in Elementary Education, Holy Angel University
- Teaching since 2014
Yu Si Wen Chinese Language
- B.A. English, Guizhou Education University Teacher Certification
- Chinese Ministry of Education - Certification of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages, Confucius Institute
Chen Hui Ying Chinese Language
- Bachelor in Teaching Chinese as a second language from Wuhan University of Technology
- CET-4、CET-6, National Qualification Certificate for Primary and Secondary School Teachers (High School Chinese)
- Mandarin Level 2 Class A
Liu Minjie Chinese Language
- Bachelor in Yichun University majoring in Teaching Chinese
Angel Marie M. Panapanaan ESL
- BS Education major in English in Mabalacat City College
- Teaching since 2015